Following feedback from our valued customers we have implemented several new improvements that make our 2023 Premium model even better. The new improved Mobile Security Box Premium model is now available!

Improvements of the Mobile Security Tower Premium

All improvements on the Mobile Security Tower Premium have been designed with the user in mind and improve usability, endurance and deliver even more stability.

  • In addition to the well-known three-point cylinder lock, the masts are equipped with a new locking bracket which means you can now secure both doors with a second lock of your choosing for extra security.
  • The winch is now mounted on the mast. This creates additional space in the Mobile Security tower for your equipment and makes it easier to work inside the mast when onsite.
  • New pins for locking the stabilizer bars have been designed. These make it easier to operate the mast and give the added benefit of greater strength.
  • The stabilizers themselves have been redesigned into a closed construction which gives improved reliability. This means that no dirt can get into the adjusting screws, thus making the adjustable feet easier to deploy for many years to come.
  • The locking mechanisms in the mast have been re-designed to omit the need for cable tensioners on the mast cables. This simplifies the tensioning of the mast cables when extending the mast, making it easier to deploy safely and improves reliability.

In addition to the new features above, we have also made several small adjustments that have significantly improved the ease of use and the lifespan of the mast.

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TelescopicMast is committed to continuously improving our products and we thank all our customers for their feedback which enables us to improve our products.

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