On September 6th we hosted our first webinar “How to build your Mobile CCTV Tower” with over 100 registrations from all over Europe. As a leading provider of mobile CCTV towers, TelescopicMast has daily conversations with customers, prospects and many CCTV specialists in the fast growing market of mobile solutions. In this webinar we announced our objective to create a platform where ideas can be shared and where we can learn from each other. For this first webinar we invited two market leading companies Hikvision and SFC Energy AG. You can now review this webinar.

Fuel cell solutions for Mobile CCTV Towers presented by SFC Energy AG

A very important decision to make when building a mobile cctv tower for your site or business is how the tower will be powered. This is the function that dictates more than any other feature, where the tower can be deployed and for how long. SFC Energy AG is the European market leader in power solutions. Speaker: Erik Herrmann, sales director at SFC Energy AG.

Selecting your CCTV technology for Mobile CCTV towers presented by Hikvision

When choosing a mobile CCTV tower the first consideration will be the camera type that you want to have installed on your tower to protect your site more effectively. Hikvision is world’s largest video surveillance manufacturer. Speakers: Gerrit van Weeren, Pre-Sales Engineer – Alarm Receiving Center and Arno Tromp, Pre-Sales Engineer – BDM, both at Hikvision Europe.


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