What are the advantages for manned guarding security companies, operating at public spaces, at construction sites and public events, when they start using TelescopicMast’s Mobile Security Tower for remote object monitoring? And how do they save money using technology?

Manned guarding security companies can use our Mobile Security Boxes to their advantage in a few significant ways.

  1. The towers can be placed in any location that cannot be properly and permanently guarded by officers. And as such, can be used to monitor areas that may be susceptible to theft or other criminal activities.
  2. The cameras on towers offer a wide area of coverage, meaning that more ground can be covered in a shorter time.
  3. The towers can be connected to an alarm signalling system, allowing for a quick response in the event of an emergency from the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).
  4. Finally, the towers are highly cost-effective and are proven to save over 40% over the long-term, when compared to traditional systems.

Adding our solution to your services will make you more competitive as they complement your on-site teams by making them more effective when combined with remote monitoring from your central monitoring station.

Check out the available products – including the trailers to move them around easily, specifications and brochures for more in depth information. Feel free to request a no-obligation quotation or call Caspar Assmann, International Sales Director, at +31(0)654 626 874

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Photo by Gema Saputera on Unsplash