Maximizing security with mobile CCTV towers: protecting vacant property

CCTV towers are an effective way to protect vacant properties and real estate from criminal activity. Such towers provide 24-hour monitoring of an area without the need for a human presence, and can be used to monitor large areas with a single camera.

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Deploying a mobile surveillance solution on construction sites

Construction sites can be a target for theft, vandalism, and other security threats. It’s essential to secure these sites to protect the workers, equipment, and materials. That’s where the Mobile Security Box with CCTV camera system comes in handy.

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TelescopicMast Webinar series: Securitas – the journey to build the mobile security tower

The second edition of the TelescopicMast webinar series. We are proud to have had Nicolaj Kristensen, Head of Solution Design, to talk about the innovative Mobile Security Tower/ MobileCam, one of the latest additions to the Securitas product portfolio.

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Top reasons to use a mobile security tower for construction site surveillance

Mobile CCTV security towers provide a number of advantages to construction firms and security companies. They offer a quick and easy solution to setting up a security system on any building project location.

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Upcoming exhibitions

The TelescopicMast team will be present at security fairs in Europe and the United States. If you happen to be at one of these fairs, meet us there!

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Improved Mobile Security Box Premium

Following feedback from our valued customers we have implemented several new improvements that make our 2023 Premium model the best from TelescopicMast. The new 2023 Premium model is now available!

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Product overview
New website, what’s new?

As of October 1, we present our products on a new website. It is easier for you as a website visitor to find product information, but also to get in touch with us faster. Briefly summarized, these are the new features.

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How to build your mobile CCTV Tower : watch the webinar recording

In this webinar SFC Energy and Hikvision present their solutions for mobile CCTV monitoring. This was the kickoff of th new ‘TelescopicMast Webinars’ series.

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Cut costs up to 70% on your next security project

International Sales Director Caspar Assmann, tells about the numerous advantages of the Mobile Security. Saving costs is just one of them.

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