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CE marking awarded to the Mobile Security Box

Of course, you already know we deliver high quality products. From now on you will find a CE label inside our products which confirms it’s reliability. As of now, Telescopic Mast - being the sole worldwide supplier of the Mobile Security Box - has been assigned an...

Brand your Mobile Security Box

From time to time we receive photos and videos of clients who like to share their branded Mobile Security Box. All four sides can be used to show your logo, company name or whatever information you want to communicate with your audience. Thus, the Box itself becomes...

More technical drawings available for the Mobile Security Box

We receive many enthousiastic responses on our three Mobile Security Boxes. To answer the questions about dimensions of the box, we have added some more technical drawings: dimensions of the T-shape Top Part where you attach devices like cameras or flood lights. These...

The Mobile Security Box in use during an outdoor event

One of our clients in Germany, KS Sicherheit, has contributed to the safety of visitors of an outdoor event in Germany. See how they stuffed the interior of the box with cameras and even a sound system! Check for more images in the gallery.