Mobile Security Box applications

Mobile Security Box applications


Application areas of the Mobile Security box

TelescopicMast offers mobile security solutions which are used on different applications. Each site has different surveillance and deployment requirements. The mobile security box is quickly deployed on site. Using mobile security masts on site is proven to reduce losses whilst ensuring health and safety on unmanned sites in addition to the early detection of intruders. Below you can read more about the different application areas where our mobile security mast can be deployed.

Car terminals
Car parking lots and terminals

Car terminals at transport hubs and parking lots at e.g. shopping malls face significant security challenges. One of the main problems is theft, which can occur in various forms, from car parts to entire vehicles.

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Public surveillance mast police
Public surveillance

Telescopic Masts have been deployed as rapid deployment security towers in a number of applications where temporary or short-term monitoring of people is required.

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property surveillance of vacant remote sites

Properties that are vacant or in remote areas can be subject to misuse, damage or theft. In addition to these risks, there is a heightened risk of arson on sites that are unmanned for long periods.

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Surveillance mast waste management
Waste management

Waste management and recycling sites face several security challenges. As well as the health and safety aspects of sites during working hours, there is also the risk of theft of materials and arson caused by intruders out of hours.

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Infrastructure and transport security mast
Infrastructure and transport

Mobile CCTV towers are used extensively to protect critical systems and assets that are essential to society and the economy.

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Solar farm surveillance mast
Power, utilities and energy

Rapid deployment security towers are an excellent way of securing sites such as solar and wind farms, water distribution sites, and gas and electricity supply networks.

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Construction site security mast
Construction site security

Challenges – along with impacting the management of site visitors during working hours and maintaining health and safety at all times, construction sites face a number of security challenges.

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