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Telescopic Mast is a manufacturer and supplier of steel mobile security boxes with a built-in telescopic mast. We deliver to the commercial, military, security, town centres and government sectors. Our Mobile Security Box is provided to individuals, companies and organisations worldwide.

Telescopic Mast’s Top Models

Telescopic Mast MSB6-B


The MSB6-Basic is fully constructed using galvanised steel which makes it vandalism proof. The MSB6-Basic has two lockable doors to store the equipment and four stabilisers, and is equipped with an extendable telescopic mast up to 6 metres.

Telescopic Mast MSB6-P


The MSB6-Premium is fully constructed using galvanised steel which makes it vandalism proof. The MSB6-P has two access doors and a vandalism proof top cover to ensure the electronic equipment is protected. It is equipped with a manual winch to raise the camera and floodlight mounting to a height of 6 metres.

Telescopic Mast MSB6-E


The electric winch operated version of the MSB6-P is easy to transport and has got extendable stabilizers to ensure stability in high winds. It has two lockable opposite doors and a top cover to store electronic equipment safely and is extendable up to 6 metres.

Latest technology in the IFSEC2019 Mobile Security Box

One day to go until IFSEC and the final preparations have been completed for our demonstration mast. Please come along to the Telescopic Mast stand IF1235 to see our newest mast which includes a Predator High-speed HD dome coupled with long-range radar with the...

CE marking awarded to the Mobile Security Box

Of course, you already know we deliver high quality products. From now on you will find a CE label inside our products which confirms it’s reliability. As of now, Telescopic Mast - being the sole worldwide supplier of the Mobile Security Box - has been assigned an...

Brand your Mobile Security Box

From time to time we receive photos and videos of clients who like to share their branded Mobile Security Box. All four sides can be used to show your logo, company name or whatever information you want to communicate with your audience. Thus, the Box itself becomes...

More technical drawings available for the Mobile Security Box

We receive many enthousiastic responses on our three Mobile Security Boxes. To answer the questions about dimensions of the box, we have added some more technical drawings: dimensions of the T-shape Top Part where you attach devices like cameras or flood lights. These...


Military, Police, Border Control

Telescopic Masts are ideal for crowd and border control, providing scene lighting, incident floodlighting and perimeter protection.


Telescopic lighting masts can hugely contribute to the safety and protection of harbours, car parks and industrial areas.

Construction, Infrastructure, Highways

We deliver easy to transport Telescopic Masts for lighting, securing construction sites, highways and infrastructure projects.

Outdoor Events

Telescopic Masts can be used for a range of outdoor events such as music concerts, sports activities and open air markets.

Monitoring public areas

The Berliner Polizei is using a fully equipped Mobile Security Box to monitor public areas such as Berlin Alexanderplatz.

The Mobile Security Box used on German highway

The Mobile Security Box is distance monitoring roadworks on a ‘Baustelle’ in the south of Germany

CCTV and flood light mounted on top

This client has attached a flood light and CCTV system on top of the telescopic mast of the Mobile Security Box to secure a construction site.

The Mobile Security Box at work during an outdoor event

One of our clients in Germany contributed to the safety of visitors of an outdoor event in Germany. The top of the telescopic mast is equipped with cameras and a sound system.

Brand your Mobile Security Box

The Mobile Security Box stickered with the corporate identy of one of our clients. Here it’s monitoring a construction site in The Netherlands.


Why become a distributor?

Our masts are sold through our dedicated re-sellers, distributors and rental companies across Europe. If you’re a re-seller or distributor please note our Telescopic Masts come without any electronic security equipment giving you the flexibility to handpick your own lighting, CCTV and transmission devices.

If you’re a rental company then Telescopic Mast can assist you in sourcing any electronic security equipment, enabling you to offer your customers a complete solution.

One of the benefits of Telescopic Mast for security installers is that you can brand each mast with your own company name and promote your business.

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