Mobile CCTV towers can be used successfully to ensure public safety and deter criminal activities in the control of public events and gatherings, such as concerts, festivals, sports events, demonstrations, political rallies, and anywhere that presents a short-term security problem. These towers can be easily moved to different locations within the event site to provide comprehensive surveillance and to monitor crowd movements, detecting potential security breaches, and allowing first responders to deal with incidents in real-time.
Surveillance offered by mobile CCTV towers helps in identifying any suspicious activities and can assist the emergency services in maintaining order and preventing security threats.

In this article, we explore the benefits of using mobile CCTV towers for crowd control and event management.

Why use a temporary mobile CCTV tower for an event?

Rapid deployment CCTV towers offer greater flexibility than fixed systems as they can be located quickly in prominent places along the route of a procession or event and then as the situation evolves, they can be relocated quickly where they are most needed to give the security operation centre greater visibility and operational control. They can be used in a variety of places around an event site, where the cost of offering traditional fixed security is often cost-prohibitive.

Temporary CCTV towers offer the benefits of being able to be moved as the challenges of event management change and evolve over a period of time, such as from the beginning of the event through to its conclusion and post-event clear-up. This enables continuous coverage to be achieved throughout the project and also negates the challenges of providing local power and cabling to CCTV cameras as the towers are normally self-sufficient.

Installation of mobile CCTV towers can significantly reduce the costs of securing, protecting and maintaining the sites as they do not need cables running power to them and can send the video images via a stream over 4G to the command control room. 

Typical applications where temporary CCTV monitoring is helpful include:

  • Protecting procession through cities
  • Concerts and outdoor festivals
  • Vacant property protection
  • Monitoring demonstrations in urban areas

In fact, anywhere that large groups of people gathering on a temporary or short-term basis can be safely protected using rapid deployment CCTV towers.

Deterrence and prevention

The visible presence of mobile CCTV towers can deter people at events from criminal activities and other security breaches, preventing incidents before they occur. When potential criminals or intruders see mobile CCTV towers in place, they are less likely to engage in illegal or malicious activities, knowing that they are being monitored.

Busy events, especially ones where alcohol is involved, can present criminals with an opportunity for vehicle and/or personal property theft. A highly visible CCTV presence sends a clear message that someone is keeping watch.

Mobile CCTV towers can also help prevent accidents and ensure compliance with safety regulations at public events and in other environments where safety is a concern. The proactive prevention of security incidents through the use of mobile CCTV towers can save time, money, and resources, while also enhancing overall security.

Any site that is remote from the main event site can be better protected using a mobile CCTV tower. These towers can be self-sufficient in terms of power for long periods off-grid and can use mobile 4G communication to a video central station to ensure round-the-clock coverage and surveillance of the entire area where the event is being held.

Key benefits of using mobile security CCTV towers for event management

  • Provide site security in all weather conditions.
  • Quick and easy to set up.
  • Flexible protection – can be easily moved on-site.
  • Greater viewing capability which enables central stations to provide 24-hour cover.
  • Provide a highly visible deterrent.
  • Provide 360-degree coverage.
  • Powered by long-lasting batteries, solar panels and fuel cells that are eco-friendly solutions.
  • Provide information to command and control to deal with incidents quickly and efficiently.


Mobile security CCTV towers offer greater flexibility than fixed systems and provide cost-effective temporary security solutions which are highly visible deterrents. Fully equipped towers can be set up in minutes and provide effective site security which gives a high level of intelligence to the command control centre during an event.

TelescopicMast’s security towers have been successfully deployed in many applications where temporary monitoring is required due to their innovative design, 100% galvanised steel construction, 6-metre extendable mast, high safety and anti-vandal features and the ability to work off-grid for long periods with no cables connected.

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