The mobile security tower provide a number of advantages to construction firms and security companies. They offer a fast and easy solution to setting up a security system on any building project location. Also, mobile CCTV towers can be transported from one site to another with a trailer, allowing for fast and easy transportation. This means that the same mobile security tower can be used for multiple projects, eliminating the need for purchasing a new system for each construction site. Additionally, the mobile security tower (for example our Premium model) can be deployed in areas where power and internet access is not available. This makes it an ideal solution for construction site surveillance in remote and rural locations.

Installing a mobile security tower for construction site surveillance can provide a number of benefits.

  1. Theft. It reduces the risk of theft, vandalism and other crimes, since the presence of cameras can act as a deterrent and also be used to identify any potential perpetrators
  2. Unsafe practices. A remote CCTV monitoring system protects workers by helping to identify any unsafe practices and activities and alerting the relevant authorities in case of an emergency
  3. Safety. Video surveillance can help to reduce liability, as most construction sites need to adhere to certain safety regulations and having evidence of the site’s safety practices can help to prove the project’s compliance with these regulations. TelescopicMast’s security towers meet the highest standards in quality and safety!
  4. Building progress. CCTV can be used to monitor the progress of the construction, enabling managers to quickly identify and address any problems, as well as to keep track of the project’s timeline

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