Temporary surveillance in the form of mobile surveillance units has become increasingly popular throughout Europe as a solution for vacant property protection and other areas where protection is needed in remote and challenging locations outside of working hours.

Deploying fully equipped mobile surveillance towers enables locations and property to be monitored by self-powered CCTV high above surrounding obstacles which provides a 360–degree view of the area for an operator in a remote central station!

In this article, we explore the benefits of using mobile CCTV towers to protect sites in the property management sector.

Why use a mobile surveillance unit?

Mobile surveillance units offer greater flexibility than fixed systems. They are used in a variety of property applications such as vacant property where they protect property that has no guarding or staffing on site and remote or unmanned sites with buildings on, where the cost of offering traditional security guarding is often cost prohibitive.

Temporary CCTV towers are often used on sites that change and evolve over a period of time, such as a construction site, which often have temporary buildings that have valuable computers and other equipment that would delay a project signiifnctaly if stolen or damaged. Using a temporary mobile CCTV system that can also be moved during the life cycle of the site enables continuous coverage to be achieved throughout the building project as they are easily installed, rapidly deployed, and easy to reposition during the course of a project lifetime.

The installation of mobile surveillance units can significantly reduce the costs of securing, protecting and maintaining the value of property or assets, strengthen and improve safety and insurance compliance and lessen many negative impacts of such sites on the local community.

Mobile surveillance units are ideal for Vacant property as they offer added security measures that reduce theft and reduce the risk of injury to site visitors.

Remote Sites

Any site that has remote buildings can be better protected using a mobile CCTV tower. These towers can be self-sufficient in terms of power for long periods off-grid and can use 4G/5G communication to a video central station to ensure round-the-clock coverage and surveillance.

Typical property applications where temporary monitoring is required include vacant property sisters, social housing sites and large area sites, and construction site properties such as offices and storage areas.

Key benefits of using mobile surveillance units for property management

  • Provide site security in all weather conditions.
  • Quick and easy to set up.
  • Flexible protection – can be easily moved on site.
  • Greater viewing capability than fixed CCTV systems
  • Enable central stations to provide 24-hour cover with the ability to challenge intruders.
  • Early detection systems – capture intruders earlier to minimise damage.
  • Thermal options detect heat much further away and secure perimeters at night-time.
  • AI software on cameras – reduces false alarms.
  • Provide a highly visible deterrent.
  • Powered by long-lasting batteries, solar or fuel cells that are eco-friendly solutions and free of wires.
  • More cost-effective and less expensive than traditional guarding


Mobile surveillance units based on the TelescopicMast range offer greater flexibility than fixed systems and provide cost-effective temporary security solutions which are highly visible deterrents. Fully equipped telescopic masts can be set up in minutes and provide effective site security whilst reducing the need for expensive guarding even on remote vacant sites and can operate off-grid for long periods.

At TelescopicMast we build a wide range of rapid deployment towers for all types of CCTV systems and solutions. Due to their innovative design, rugged steel construction, and high level of safety and anti–vandal features, TelescopicMast products have been successfully deployed in many applications where temporary monitoring for vacant and remote properties is required.

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