TM5-11 Mobile surveillance Telescopic Mast for CCTV or dome cameras and floodlights

Telescopic mast 5-parts extendable to 11 metres

  • Extendable from 3 to 11 metres
  • Easy to assemble
  • T-part on top, easy for floodlight or camera
  • Easy to transport with forklift or trailer
  • Easy to build up and store
  • Equipped with an automatic stop
  • Stand alone

  • Steel construction
  • Hot dip galvanised
  • Manual CE approved winch 800 kg
  • Basic frame size 196 cm X 196 cm
  • 5 masts, mast length 11 metres
  • Maximum carrying capacity 50 kg on top of mast
  • Total weight 297 kg
  • Maximum height 11 metres
  • Equipped with mounting points
  • Wind surface 0.75 m²
  • Safe and stable construction when the mast is weighted with 1000 kg of ballast


User manual TM5-11

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