MSB6-Basic Mobile surveillance Telescopic Mast for CCTV or dome cameras and floodlights


Our specially designed Basic Mobile Security Box is extendable up to 6 metres and is suitable for all purposes.

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Typically for CCTV/Dome cameras as electronics equipment can be stored safely inside “the Box“.

  • Mobile unit easy to transport
  • Extendable mast up to 6 metres
  • Lockable door to store equipment
  • Fully constructed using galvanised steel
  • 4 extendable stabilisers for a stable position
  • Mast top prepared for camera or floodlight

  • Steel galvanised construction
  • Manual CE approved winch 500 kg
  • Size: L 99 cm X W 99 cn X H 227 cm
  • Total weight 296 kg
  • Maximum carrying capacity 50 kg on top of the mast
  • At its maximum height of 6 metres, the ‘wind load’ has a Beaufort scale of 8
  • Maximum height 6 metres
  • Equipped with forklift slots and lifting eyes for easy transport by forklift, crane or trailer
  • Equipped with 4 steel cables to stabilise the mast
  • Easy to store
  • Telescopic mast with an automatic stop
  • equipped with 4 extendable stabilisers


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