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Newsletter August 2020

The built in plumb rule

Summer Promotional Offer

“Mobile Security – when and wherever needed “ is the tagline of our newly created animation video. In this video we explain in just over one minute the purpose of a mobile security box.  
This short and fun way of introducing can also help you boost your sales and can be used as a promotional tool for new potential customers . 
Therefore we can offer you this animation video and will brand it with your company logo and website. 
This way you can share your special branded video on web -and social channels and or show this to potential customers to highlight the power of “Mobile Security – when and wherever needed“.

BTW: It also demonstrates that the Mobile Security Box can be branded on four sides. Being 2 metres high, this can be very powerful for advertisment branded with your company logo or name while it is deployed on sites.
READ MORE about branding the Mobile Security Box.

Covid and the new normal

TM newsletter 082020 covid19 Telescopicmast production did not stop during Covid19 and continued delivering and expanding. We also see new applications due to COVID where we all entering the  “new normal”  situation .  
Safety is key and we do see Mobile Security Boxes with thermal camera’s which could detect the temperatures of people and social distancing. 
Create your own mobile crowd security solution to expand your business and guarantee everybody’s safety.


New website launched

TM newsletter 082020 website We’re also proud to announce the launch of our new website. Improved experience and content is now available. 
We created two videos which are shown on our website, these videos will give you a good impression about our mobile security box and the opportunity we both have in this fast growing market.


Meet Laurens

TM newsletter 082020 laurens brok We also like to introduce our newest team member Laurens Brok who joined our team as of June 1st.

Laurens has just graduated Business Economics specialized e-commerce, marketing and sales and is a multi talented, rolled up sleeve mentality go-getter . 

Laurens will focus on continuous support of our resellers and further business development. During his study period he had his internship with Telescopicmast already for 6 months and we are pleased to add this young talent. (which will lower average age significantly 😉 




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