As of October 1, we present our products on a new website. It is easier for you as a website visitor to find product information, but also to get in touch with us faster. Briefly summarized, these are the new features.

Where to apply the Mobile Security Box?

We have six examples of where you could apply the Mobile Security Box in your project(s).

Request a quote

In order to be able to make you the best possible offer, you can indicate a desired number for each product. We will contact you within two working days to discuss your wishes and requierments to come up with an offer.


Check all the differences between the available versions of our Mobile Security Box in this comparison table.

Have a chat

In the chat you will not be spoken to by a robot, but by a real employee who listens to you and helps you as best as possible with your question.

Schedule an appointment

In just a few clicks you can make an appointment with our Sales Director by selecting an appropriate time slot. We use Zoom or Microsoft Teams for video calls.

Redesigned brochure

The TelescopicMast brochure has been redesigned and updated. You can download the English version, we’re working on translations!

Customer portal

As a valued customer of TelescopicMast products, you will have access to a part of the website where you will find additional documentation. This is also the place to ask us questions about the Mobile Security Boxes and Trailers that you have at work in the field.