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Latest technology in the IFSEC2019 Mobile Security Box

In our stand at IFSEC2019 we teamed up with our British partners. Thus we could present a great working example of a Mobile Security Box. It included a Predator High-speed HD dome coupled with long-range radar with the capability of tracking up to 40 targets across a vast area simultaneously.

Reduce carbon footprint with responsible power supplies

We also showed the various power options including methanol, hydrogen and solar panel technology which all help to reduce dramatically the carbon footprint of any mobile surveillance application.

The whole concept is designed to show how Telescopic Masts are the perfect ‘Blank Canvas’ for any mobile surveillance application. The mast we are showing has been designed and built by our partner (STL UK) ‘Surveillance Technology Unlimited’ which is the new brand from LTS UK ltd, that specializes in temporary surveillance solutions.


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