TelescopicMast will be present at security exhibitions in Europe and the United States. If you happen to be at one of these exhibitions, let’s discuss what opportunities are there for you and your business with any of our security solutions.

Stockholm, Sweden

SKYDD : Security and Fire exhibition
October 25-27 2022. A03:40

Paris, France

Expoprotection : Risk protection and management
November 15-17 2022

Las Vegas, United States

ISC West
March 28-31 2023
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Following feedback from our valued customers we have implemented several new improvements that make our 2023 Premium model the best ever from TelescopicMast. The new improved Mobile Security Box Premium model is now available!


All improvements on the Premium Mast have been designed with the user in mind and improve usability, endurance and deliver even more stability.

  • In addition to the well-known three-point cylinder lock, the masts are equipped with a new locking bracket which means you can now secure both doors with a second lock of your choosing for extra security.
  • The winch is now mounted on the mast. This creates additional space in the Mobile Security Box for your equipment and makes it easier to work inside the mast when onsite.
  • New pins for locking the stabilizer bars have been designed. These make it easier to operate the mast and give the added benefit of greater strength.
  • The stabilizers themselves have been redesigned into a closed construction which gives improved reliability. This means that no dirt can get into the adjusting screws, thus making the adjustable feet easier to deploy for many years to come.
  • The locking mechanisms in the mast have been re-designed to omit the need for cable tensioners on the mast cables. This simplifies the tensioning of the mast cables when extending the mast, making it easier to deploy safely and improves reliability.

In addition to the new features above, we have also made several small adjustments that have significantly improved the ease of use and the lifespan of the mast.

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TelescopicMast is committed to continuously improving our products and we thank all our customers for their feedback which enables us to improve our products.

Please contact Sales Director Caspar Assmann directly at for your questions, product suggestions and/or improvements.



As of October 1, we present our products on a new website. It is easier for you as a website visitor to find product information, but also to get in touch with us faster. Briefly summarized, these are the new features.

Where to apply the Mobile Security Box?

We have six examples of where you could apply the Mobile Security Box in your project(s).

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In order to be able to make you the best possible offer, you can indicate a desired number for each product. We will contact you within two working days to discuss your wishes and requierments to come up with an offer.


Check all the differences between the available versions of our Mobile Security Box in this comparison table.

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Redesigned brochure

The TelescopicMast brochure has been redesigned and updated. You can download the English version, we’re working on translations!

Customer portal

As a valued customer of TelescopicMast products, you will have access to a part of the website where you will find additional documentation. This is also the place to ask us questions about the Mobile Security Boxes and Trailers that you have at work in the field.


On September 6th we hosted our first webinar “How to build your Mobile CCTV Tower” with over 100 registrations from all over Europe. As a leading provider of mobile CCTV towers, TelescopicMast has daily conversations with customers, prospects and many CCTV specialists in the fast growing market of mobile solutions. In this webinar we announced our objective to create a platform where ideas can be shared and where we can learn from each other. For this first webinar we invited two market leading companies Hikvision and SFC Energy AG. You can now review this webinar.

Fuel cell solutions for Mobile CCTV Towers presented by SFC Energy AG

A very important decision to make when building a mobile tower for your site or business is how the tower will be powered. This is the function that dictates more than any other feature, where the tower can be deployed and for how long. SFC Energy AG is the European market leader in power solutions. Speaker: Erik Herrmann, sales director at SFC Energy AG.

Selecting your CCTV technology for Mobile CCTV towers presented by Hikvision

When choosing a mobile CCTV tower the first consideration will be the camera type that you want to have installed on your tower to protect your site more effectively. Hikvision is world’s largest video surveillance manufacturer. Speakers: Gerrit van Weeren, Pre-Sales Engineer – Alarm Receiving Center and Arno Tromp, Pre-Sales Engineer – BDM, both at Hikvision Europe.


  • The Powerpoint presentations in one PDF
  • Our Mobile Security Box brochure in English (PDF)
  • Our Mobile Security Box brochure, available in twelve other languages. Check the Downloads section on each product.

Questions or remarks? Contact us.


Just ahead of the International Fire and Security Exhibiton 2019 (IFSEC) Adam Bannister (editor, IFSEC Global) had an interview with Caspar Assmann, Sales Director at TelescopicMast.

Please tell us a bit about TelescopicMast for anyone unfamiliar with the brand?

Caspar Assmann: TelescopicMast is a manufacturer and supplier of mobile steel security boxes. The company was established about 35 years ago and specialised in steel products. But we developed mobile steel security boxes seven years ago. We have since invested considerable resources to develop the product to where it is now.
We’ve mostly operated in the Netherlands and then Belgium so far, where we have thousands of these boxes in use, but it’s still quite an unknown product outside these countries.
Now we’ve started to distribute in the UK, the Scandinavian countries and Germany through about 10 distributors. We launched in the UK at IFSEC in 2017.

Tell us more about your mobile steel security boxes

Within the steel box is a telescopic mast that erects to six metres high. The box is very secure and can also be locked at the top. It’s galvanised steel and near impossible to climb. It’s CE-certificated, so it can be used in projects where a CE certificate is required.

What kind of vertical markets tend to be interested in the boxes?

The construction market, building sites and crowd control are the biggest. At this moment there’s a lot going on with traffic control, building highways, rail transport and other dangerous areas which are still guarded by people. We can help these sectors protect their people and assets with cameras, which cuts costs by up to 70%. It is also more reliable.

How does your business model work in terms of distribution?

It depends on the market we are operating in. In the UK the distribution model is different: we go through resellers. But an important thing is that we operate in the rental market. Our boxes are equipped with power, electrics, lamps and cameras, and then they are mostly rented out for a couple of months.

How hard is it to install?

It’s very easy to put it on the trailer, to transport and set up. It takes five minutes to get everything going.

Are you still developing the product to improve it further?

We are always developing the box as a product. There are some variations on it, depending on the project for which it is used. The markets we target are quite big, so we have to reach out to a lot of companies and let them know who we are and what we do.

What are your plans for reaching those companies at IFSEC?

There are two parts to our plan for IFSEC. We are working with our UK distributors on our booth to inform potential customers about the potential of this box.

We’re also working on international markets like at last year’s IFSEC, when we met visitors from many countries. We want to meet all kinds of people because we’re still relatively unknown. The international market is very important, but we also want to meet our UK distributors and customers.

Will you have a mobile steel security box fully set up on your stand?

Yes. We’re getting the equipment set up by a distributor that is doing our booth. And we’re using different equipment to DVS – we’re including the power supply and everything, so people can see how the box can be equipped. Because that’s still a potential problem for many users: how to add the equipment, how to run the electricity and power supply.

If someone was to ask why they should come to your stand at IFSEC, what would you tell them?

If they come to our stand we can explain how it works, how they can equip it, how they can have a profitable model with the box. We can explain how it’s better than cars being equipped with a telescopic mast, which is often done instead but is quite expensive. Our box is comparatively cheap and a very secure way to conduct video surveillance.

Source:  TelescopicMast: “Our mobile steel security boxes can cut costs by up to 70%”


On april 21st, the FD Gazelle 2021 has been awarded to Frank and Henk, Co-Founders of our company, received an award for the at a breakfast reception with the mayor of ‘s-Hertogenbosch along with other winners of the ‘FD Gazelle 2021’. This Gazelle award is for being one of 2021 fastest-growing Dutch companies.

FD Gazelle 2021No need to say we are very proud of the team and of course a big THANK YOU for all our valued customers, helping us to achieve this milestone!

In case you haven’t done it yet, download our Mobile Security Box brochure in one of the thirteen available languages. We’ll be happy to discuss the new business oportunities you can develop.



Hikvision innovation summit 2022 presentation

The Hikvision Innovation Summit 2022 took place on 3 May 2022. After being postponed for two years due to Covid 19 it was, at last, time for us to gather together at Hikvision’s splendid European head office in Hoofddorp. A report by International Sales Manager, Ricardo Loos.

This Innovation Summit, organised down to the very last detail, was spread over four days with a different group of countries invited every day.
It started on Tuesday evening with a kick-off by Hikvision. After this the visitors had plenty of opportunity to attend lectures by stand holders and guest speakers. It was also possible to visit the different stands.


Innovative power supply to electrical equipment

Hikvision innovation summit 2022 Mobile CCTV tower

For my part, it was my second day working for TelescopicMast, so getting to spend a week talking to potential clients and telling them more about our products was something of a baptism by fire. We received our clients at our stand on the main floor where we had product leaflets and videos on display. However, the best conversations by far took place next to our Mobile Security Box demonstration on the parking deck.

Thanks to collaborations with our partners SFC ENERGY AG and HIKVISION everyone got to see a fully operational mobile CCTV solution which can remain in place for several weeks without an external power supply, thanks to solar panels and SFC’s methanol solution, EFOY PRO FUEL CELLS.


Interest from different sectors

Over the various days, we spoke to dozens of people who were not yet acquainted with our product, but who immediately grasped its usability. And therefore had new business opportunities in mind.
What everyone found appealing was the versatility of how you can arrange and use the cabinets. The backgrounds of our visitors ranged from value added resellers and CCTV installation companies to systems integrators. There were a lot of differences from one country to the next, depending in part on the degree of familiarity with mobile CCTV solutions. There was particular interest for building site security, use in the construction of roads and railways, solar and wind farms, and special applications for police and defence.

Watch our story

We can look back upon a successful HIKVISION Innovation Summit 2022 where we made a lot of new contacts and strengthened our partnership with Hikvision.


Of course you know how important certifications are in our business. Did you know that you can distinguish your rapid deployment CCTV solution, thanks to the quality marks that TelescopicMast has obtained?

All certifications ISO, CE and TÜV Rheinland

In our ambition to manufacture high quality products for our customers, we are pleased to announce that TelescopicMast has claimed both the ISO and CE (awared by TÜV Rheinland) certifications for our Mobile Security Box. The ISO and TüV certificates are globally recognized certification bodies accredited by a variety of national standards organizations.

As a customer, you will be able to modify our Mobile Security Box with your rapid deployment CCTV solutions and make sure it meets safety standards. This will open doors into new markets and (public) tenders that require such safety certifications.

Another great testimonial is the “Secured by Design” accreditation, received by one our customers in the United Kingdom. Secured by Design operates an accreditation scheme on behalf of the UK police for products or services that have met recognized security standards. Such products or services must be capable of deterring or preventing crime and are known as being of a ‘Police Preferred Specification’ which are independently tested to a relevant security standard fully certified by an independent third-party, United Kingdom Accreditation Service certification body.

Receiving these globally recognized certifications is a great milestone for TelescopicMast.
We are committed to continuously innovate and improve the quality of our products to serve our customers.

Interested in the ISO and CE test results or any of our products? Just drop us a message!!


We regularly receive photos and videos of customers who want to share their branded Mobile Security Box. All four sides can be used to show your logo, company name or other information you want to communicate with your audience. The Box itself becomes an advertising object if you place it in a public environment like a festival terrain, a construction location, a parking area or just at the side of the road.

Contact us for sticker dimensions and other requirements.


For monitoring public areas in Berlin, the local police has set up at least one of our boxes. The launch of the project was in the local Berliner Morgenpost.

Read the article (in German).