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Our Mobile Security Boxes are in use in various locations and with a variety of purposes. With it’s telescopic mast and with a CCTV system or flood lighting attached to the top, customers are using it to monitor or lighten building locations, festivals or parking areas. What would you use it for? Share your goals with us!

Lighten fences

Military, Police and Border Control

Telescopic Masts are ideal for crowd and border control, but also for scene lighting, incident floodlighting and perimeter protection.
Telescopic Masts can be used for both permanent or temporary border checks and safety zones with CCTV or dome cameras. Telescopic Masts are stand-alone units wherever the need for portable and temporary security is required. They are easily transported and are easy to set up

Monitoring sites


Telescopic lighting masts can hugely contribute to the safety and protection of harbours, car parks and industrial areas. Our Telescopic Masts are designed for all sorts of mobile survey work.
Telescopic Masts are easy to transport due to the compact size and setup, which makes the mobile security box an ideal and safe solution to add your Dome Cameras, lights or CCTV to on the top of the mast.


Lighten construction sites

Construction, Infrastructure and Highways

We deliver easy to transport Telescopic Masts for lighting and securing construction sites, highways and other infrastructural projects.
Telescopic Masts can be used with our optional CCTV or dome camera. They are stand-alone units, wherever the situation requires and are easily set up and transportable.

Lighten outdoor events

Outdoor Events

Telescopic Masts can be used for all kinds of outdoor events, for example music concerts, sports activities and open air markets. Our Telescopic Masts are designed (if equipped with flood lights) to make your event more visible!
The Mobile Security box is best used with a CCTV or dome camera for crowd control or live streaming videos. The security box safely stores your electronics and is easy to transport and set up.


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